Nestbux: Real Estate Referral Brokerage (LFRO)

Nestbux is a limited function referral office (LFRO) for real estate agents in New York and Connecticut.

How It Works

Keep Your Real Estate License Active

Don’t let your Real Estate license lapse, keep it active by joining Nestbux

Referrals Only

Nestbux agents are referral only agents. That means you cannot list, sell, lease, rent, manage, counsel or appraise property.  If you decide to become an active real estate agent, then you will need to move to a different sponsoring broker.

Earn Commission from Referrals

When you refer a buyer or seller to an agent you will earn as much as 95% of the referral commission.


Why Join a Real Estate Referral Brokerage?

Stop Paying MLS Fees and Realtor Fees

Are you paying thousands on MLS fees, desk fees, lockboxes, E&O insurance fees and REALTORĀ® association dues just to maintain your real estate license? By joining our real estate referral brokerage, you don’t need to pay MLS fees and realtor membership fees since you are purely a referral agent and will not be actively helping clients buy and sell properties. All you have to pay is the Real Estate license renewal fee! That’s it! You will save thousands of dollars by joining a real estate referral brokerage.

You are no longer an Active Real Estate Agent

Whether you are taking a break from real estate, or you have decided to pursue another career, you can still maintain your real estate license. Why give up your hard earned license? Become a referral agent so you can earn commissions on referrals!

You Need to Hang Your Real Estate License with a Sponsoring Real Estate Broker in New York or Connecticut

In order to maintain your real estate license, you need a sponsoring real estate broker. The most cost-effective way to do this is by joining a Real Estate brokerage that is referral only. By joining a Real Estate referral brokerage, you are not required to pay a desk fee, MLS fee and Realtor membership fees.

Why Join Nestbux?

Low Annual Cost

For as low as $10 a month, you can keep your real estate license active!

License Renewal Reminders

As your sponsoring broker, Nestbux will remind you when it’s time to renew your real estate license and when it’s time to start your continuing education.

Earn Up to 95% of Referral Commission

When you refer a buyer or seller to an agent you will earn as much as 95% of the referral commission.

Choose Your Plan

Basic Plan

Keep 75% of the Referral Commission
$120 a year
(That’s just $10 a month!)

Pro Plan

Keep 95% of the Referral Commission
$240 a year
(That’s just $20 a month!)

Join Our Referral Brokerage Firm

Don’t let your real estate license lapse, join our referral brokerage firm now!

Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Referral Agent in NY and CT

Learn how to become a Real Estate Referral Agent in New York and Connecticut

Nestbux is a Sponsoring Broker for New York and Connecticut Agents

Nestbux currently only sponsors New York and Connecticut Real Estate agents.